How I describe my friends

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describe me in one wordWhat the hell am I going on about?

Well a little while ago me and my friend decided to represent our friends with objects like coke bottles and socks. It might not make any sense at all but I hope you like it.

The Converses

Me and my friend are represented by Converses because we are just generally awesome. The older we get the better we get. We are classic and cool just like Converses.


Converses are Awesome

The handbag

This item represents one of my oldest and most trusted friend. He is very beautiful on the outside just like a handbag but on the inside you find a load of rubbish and gunk that you don’t want. Luckily me and my friend have started to clear him out.Handbags

The coke bottle

This metaphor is for one of my friends that is always making jokes. He is very sweet and his jokes never get old. He is very bubbly and keeps fizzing up with laughter and jokes.

Coke bottle

I love Coke

The old sock

This person took a long time to get over. I can never find him when I want him, he stinks and when you look closely there is a metaphoric hole there that wasn’t there that morning. You can live without him just like you can live without socks.Old stinky sock

The Stiletto

Very pretty and perfect. She has lots of style and she stands tall. We shouldn’t be able to afford a friend (or shoe) that great.Stiletto

The toilet seat

This person is so annoying although he is a great friend. If you live with boys you will know how annoying it is when the pee on the seat, well that is how annoying he is. toilet seat

The potato

When we asked one of our friend what she wanted to be I don’t think she quite knew what we were talking about she just said that she wanted to be a potato so we just laughed and agreed.


My friend is the best potato in the world!

Hope you liked my metaphors, tell me what you and your friends represent, I would love to know.


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